Hi, I'm Kianna!

A mama of two sweet babies and a lover of the creator, earth, coffee, flowers, and knitting with so much love to offer!

Serving Western Wisconsin, Twin Cities Metro and surrounding areas, I am a DONA trained birth Doula with a holistic approach, Certified Body Ready Method® Pro, Hypnobabies® Hypno-Doula, a Lamaze trained Childbirth Educator studying for my certification exam, a prenatal yoga teacher in training, and a student of the earth studying herbalism with with a passion for supporting fellow birthers and their families.

I offer a holistic approach to my services by working with families on regulating the nervous system with mindful breathing, movement, and deep relaxation exercises, childbirth education for empowerment in your decisions, and herbs to support healing to navigate through your pregnancy and postpartum journey in a safe and healthy way.

I believe that every one should be able to have a doula, and I offer flexible payments for all of my services and classes to work with any budget and am so happy to offer a sliding scale to those that need it! I am incredibly excited to partner with you on your journey and thank you so much for being here!

What is a Doula?

[doo-luh] (noun): one who practices the art of loving, respecting, embracing, empowering, educating, advocating for, and supporting expecting mothers and families during and after pregnancy.

An Overview Of My Birth Services

Prenatal Visit

During prenatal visits with me, we will get to know each other and create a comfortable relationship with open communication. We will have 4 visits (more or less depending on needs of family and time) including but not limited to the following:

  1. Together we will create a plan based on your families unique needs, learn breathing and grounding techniques to remain calm and in tune with your body throughout your pregnancy, and basic childbirth education
  2. We will find your body's alignment to help engage your baby into the pelvis, learn labor and birth positions, and show your birth partner ways that you two can connect and work together during your birthing time.
  3. Together we will focus on postpartum preparation - learning to change diapers, swaddle, and baby wearing, bedside essentials, sponge and swaddle baths, the importance of skin to skin and delayed cord clamping, etc!
  4. We will go over the basics of childbirth education and newborn care to prepare you for what is to come.

It is my goal for every family to feel loved and supported during this magical time, and to empower you and your birth partner to make the best decisions for your family.

Labor and Birth Support

I am fully here for you once you decide to have me as part of your birth team! You can text, call, video chat, or email me with any questions, for support, and to keep me posted on your progress through your pregnancy journey!

Once labor has started and you are ready for me, I will join you. We will use the breathing techniques and movements we have practiced in your prenatal visits to keep you comfortable and find your rhythm.

Your birth plan will be presented to your care team so we are all on board with your family's preferences! I also am happy to offer to take notes and photos of your experience for you to cherish forever. Whether you are birthing at home, birth center, or hospital, I will do everything I can to make this experience as close to your birth plan as possible. Though babies don't always follow the plans we make, we will have backup ideas to make sure any curve ball that is thrown your way is nagivated with your preferences!

Postpartum Support

After your beautiful baby is welcomed into the world, I will stay with you and offer feeding, emotional, and physical support for up to 2 hours postpartum or until your most comfortable with me leaving.

Once you are settled in at home, we will have a postpartum visit to chat about your experience and to help with feeding and anything you need and present you with your postpartum gifts! I will also help with:

  • Baby wearing
  • Light household chores
  • Feeding support
  • Emotional support
  • Light massage & relaxation
  • Nurtured Root Apothecary Gift Basket and hand knit merino wool baby booties


Using herbs for natural healing, these handmade goodies are a safe and healthy choice for pregnancy, postpartum, and the whole family!

Trained Hypnobabies® Hypno Doula

What is a hypno-doula? A doula carefully trained in with essential hypnobirthing tools to effectively support expecting families utilizing birth-hypnosis techniques. We aid in educating staff in your birthing place about Hypnosis and hold space for it, aid in birth rehearsals, and more!

What is Hypnobabies®?

Certified Body Ready Method® Pro

Body Ready Method® is an evidence based approach to prenatal preparation and birth support in order to feel stronger, more resilient and empowered throughout their pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

As a BRM® Pro, I work with pregnant people who want to optimize the balance, strength and resiliency of their pregnant body.As a pro, I suggest positions and perform hands-on techniques to create balance and space in the birthing body to support the physiological process of birth. I also work with immediate postpartum people who want a simple protocol to follow to encourage optimal recovery from pregnancy and childbirth and work closely with other perinatal professionals to help my clients reach their goals and feel empowered through their childbearing experience!

Body Ready Method®
  • Childbirth Education Classes + Support Groups

    This space will hold group and 1 on 1 childbirth education, baby wearing, and breastfeeding classes and monthly support groups starting this spring!

  • Apothecary + Retail

    The apothecary will be open daily, official opening date TBD in February! These will include herbal tea baths, lotions, body wash, and more as well as baby booties and rice bags.

  • 1 on 1 Meetings

    Contact me to set up a 1 on 1 meeting where we can chat about doula services, questions about birth, or a listening ear! Kiddos are also welcome :)

  • and much more!

    Keep an eye out for fellow birth worker guests and special events and workshops coming really soon!


I have taken a brief pause on postpartum care to focus on my studies and will resume later on this year! Pricing has also changed a bit to make everything much easier to navigate.

Wholesale orders for apothecary items can be done here: https://faire.com/direct/nurturedrootco