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Hot & Cold Rice Bags

Hot & Cold Rice Bags

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Handmade with Oeko-Tex Standard certified 100% linen in beautiful assorted neutral colors, filled with jasmine rice and with or without organic lavender/ chamomile buds and essential oils for a very light, relaxing scent. Rectangular shape is great for spot treatment on shoulders, back of the neck, head, legs, lower back foot, and more! I love to use the 8x7.5in during births as a birth doula for warmth on mamas back and a smaller 5x4.5 size cold bag on her forehead and neck.

** Fabric style may vary! Each bag is made with scrap fabric to prevent from waste from items made for Please feel free to request a certain style, otherwise bags are selected at random.


For cool compress, keep bag in freezer for a light cold sensation safe to apply directly to skin and will not be too cold

For warm compress, warm bag in the microwave to temperature needed in increments of 30 seconds. Place bag on skin as needed



Lavender: delicate, sweet herbal meets floral scent. Known for its relaxing and calming effects, best used to reduce anxiety and stress.

Chamomile: sweet, warm scent. Chamomile is known for its calming and relaxing effects, best used for relaxation and sleep. 


Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified light weight linen fabric

Jasmine Rice

Organic Lavender/chamomile buds

100% Pure & Natural Essential Oil


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