Kianna was the absolute best!!! This was our first pregnancy and birth for my husband and me, so we were understandably a bit nervous. Kianna really helped tame a lot of our anxieties and showed us many ways to be as prepared as possible for labor and to make the birth be as smooth as possible. Her kind, gentle, and calming nature made us instantly trust her, and she was a constant support and encouragement throughout my labor. Kianna and my husband made a great team to help me be as comfortable as possible during labor, and Kianna was a wonderful advocate for me with the nurses and midwives. I am so glad we found and chose Kianna as our doula, and I highly recommend her!!!


Absolutely wonderful homebirth and I couldn’t have done it without Kianna as my doula


Kianna was an incredible blessing and resource for us! She never left a question unanswered and walked with us through the entire journey! We couldn't be more happy to have had her for the birthing process.


I had the natural birth I wanted so much.. it all happened so fast and thanks to Kianna I was able to breathe through all of it. Thank you for all the support you were.. I would not be able to do it so much controlled without you. You were so helpful. I am so glad I found you, I had a beautiful birth

Kianna was such a great help at the birth of my birth second son. The meetings we had leading up to my due date gave me lots of information  about birthing positions as well as she helped me create my birthplan which all helped me feel prepared for my sons birth. At the hospital, Kianna helped to make me the most comfortable through labor positions and offered reassurance once contractions intensified. I feel my birthing experience was made more peaceful and me more confident with having Kianna there.



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