Am I Pregnant?

Am I Pregnant?

Feeling a little sleepier than normal? Your fave breakfast suddenly making you feel nauseous? Was your period due a few days ago? Ahh the early symptoms of pregnancy! But also, symptoms of many other things… so how do you know?! First step is TRUST YOUR BODY!

Our bodies are incredible and you know when something is up. If you are suspecting pregnancy, you may be flooded with emotions and questions, as pregnancy is one of the most life transforming events that can happen in one’s life! Whether you are feeling overjoyed, nervous, disappointed, or a recipe of all the emotions you can possibly think of, your feelings are valid and OH SO NORMAL!

Next, though your nerves may be all over the place, go get that test! (Or order it for delivery on good ol’ doordash if you don’t feel comfortable) you know … the pee on the stick test that may make a mess lol (iykyk). Then, whatever your results may be you will want to confirm your results with your doctor just to be sure. They can test your urine or blood to check for hCG - human chorionic gonadotropin - a hormone made when a fertilized egg implants in the uterus that can detect pregnancy pretty early on.

“Then what do I do!?” You may ask?

Breathe my friend 🤍 I will talk a lot about breathing, as I believe it is so healing. Breathe through whatever your results may be - you got this and there are so many resources available to support your journey🫶🏽 Take some time to process your results. Take a bath, take a walk, discuss with your partner or a support person, and take care of you first. 🤍

From here, I have a created a list of resources for any direction this step has taken you. Please feel free to reach out to request my resource lists or if you just need to tell your story and have someone to hear you and love you through your process. I am here with welcoming arms no matter what 🤍
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